Our Animals

Meet our animals

We have a wide variety of animals on the farm starting from the smaller guinea pigs and rabbits with a specially designed run for the cheeky chipmunks to run over the top. We have of different types of birds and poultry ranging from turkeys, different breeds of ducks and chickens (which supply our customers and tearooms with Free Range Eggs) and pheasant and guinea fowl. We also have added an aviary with various breeds of budgies and finches. Completing this part of the farm is Winston the Wallaby. Moving on to our larger animals we have donkeys, alpacas, sheep, golden Guernsey and pygmy goats, Rheas and Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs which do have piglets throughout the year. Also we have 2 of our most popular characters, Kenny the KuneKune pig and Head-butt the Pygmy goat.

Pig racing at Vurlands Farm

Pig racing at Vurlands Farm

"A great day out. We will definitely be coming again soon!"

Mr C Smith